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Storage, Inventory and Shipping

inScience Communications are a division of Springer Healthcare, a leading global provider of clinical publications.  For over a decade, Lumisi have been working with this company and it’s various division such as inScience Communications. Our storage, inventory and shipping service provides inScience with a complete solution for their exhibition materials allowing their event co-ordinators and managers to focus on what they do best. Combining our Creative solutions (designing and printing exhibition materials) with our Events solutions (multi-carrier logistics service) ensures inScience have all the neccessary materials at all of their events and exhibitions around the world, providing their sales team with the ammunition to make the event a success.


  • Exhibition Storage
  • Bespoke Online Inventory
  • Artwork Design
  • Printing and Production
  • Portable and Modular Display Stands
  • Shipping to and from Events
  • Condition Reports
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exhibition shipping
exhibition shipping

About inScience Communications

Global Expertise in Scientific Communications. inScience Communications is driven to deliver the highest quality scientific programs through innovative channels that meet the healthcare and medical communications needs of their clients. They are committed to their core vision of communicating the science and value of medicines to the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and ethical practice on a global and regional level. They have the expertise – translating molecular medicine into practical therapy, pharmacoeconomics into demonstrated value and ethical commitment into delivered best practice. inScience Communications adheres to the widely accepted principles of Good Publication Practice (GPP3).

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