What is Lumisi Event Fulfilment and What’s New?

Our Event Fulfilment solution provides companies who exhibit at events or host their own events with a complete support solution from start to finish. Beginning with our centralised storage allowing Lumisi to manage all our clients materials in once secure facility. A common challenge our customers faced before working with Lumisi was that all their materials were spread across multiple locations around the UK and around the world, meaning they weren’t entirely sure what materials they had, where they were kept and how many were available.

The simple cloud-based ordering system gives our client the ability to view the type of materials and stock levels available at the touch of a button. The software and the Lumisi Events team will then perform a number of checks to confirm availability, check transit times between orders and check that the materials are suitable for the event being planned.

The simple, confirmation process provides all the information our events team will need to ensure your items arrive at the event safely and on time. This worldwide service is managed completely by the Lumisi events team who will choose the most suitable courier and service level depending on the variables based around your event and the deadlines or timescales required. Our team will also liaise with venues and couriers once the event is finished to ensure any left-over materials are returned into storage, ready for the next event. These return condition reports not only check the quality of the materials returned but provide details analysis of quantities to ensure numbers are accurate.

Lumisi have recently launched Inventory 3.0. We have recently provided all of our event fulfilment clients with an upgrade to the system we provide and manage for them. Our unique software provides Balfour Beatty with a customisable portal that allow their sales managers and event coordinators around the UK to order the exhibition materials they need for their upcoming events and exhibitions. This software provides a live, up to date reflection of the stock and materials that we manage in our centralised storage facility.

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New Features

  • Individual Log-Ins
  • Improved Dashboard
  • Multi-Level Filtering
  • Live Status Updates
  • Automated Order Updates
  • Repeat Order Facility
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Support HelpDesk

What are the New Features of the System?

At the beginning of 2020, Lumisi were very proud to announce and launch the 3rd generation of event fulfilment software, propelling the software to a new level! It provides a number fo different features available to the client so we are always enhancing the service. Here are just a selection of the new features from Inventory 3.0:

New User Profiles & Secure Log-Ins

The previous software operated through a centralised log-in provided to the client and the completion process of orders would ask for the details of the different individuals using the system. This has now been enhanced to individual log-ins with their own user profiles. This not only provides enhanced security but allows Lumisi to personalise the system to each of the users as well as providing managers with overall control.



Improved Dashboard Layout

Clients are now greeted with their own personable dashboard which provides a number of quick-links to various parts of the software, shows the user a selection of their most popular items and even greets them by name with a good morning/afternoon (depending on the time of course, something our web developers were very proud of indeed!)



Multi Level Filtering

Clients have always been able to refine their list of exhibition materials either by division/brand or by type of material. Inventory 3.0 allows users to filter products with a number of different filters all at once so they can really refine the list to what they need for specific events.



Improved Product Pages

It’s all in the detail! Each item stored at the Lumisi facility gets it’s own page, allowing users to see as much detail as they will need. This includes detailed descriptions, print/product specifications, artwork downloads, a calendar of availability and new to Inventory 3.0 product suggestions, where the system will suggest other materials that are often orders with the product you are viewing.



Improved Order Communication

The most adored new feature clients have said Inventory 3.0 provides is the enhanced communication the system provides. Not only does it provide a live update on the Order page, the system automatically informs the user everytime the order receives an update, this includes when items have been reserved, when they’ve been dispatched, when couriers provide time delivery slots and when they’ve been delivered. It will also prompt users when orders are due for return and when they have a return condition report available to view.



Repeat Orders

When building Inventory 3.0 we wanted to incorporate suggestions from clients so the system worked best for them. One of the most popular suggestions was to build in the ability to place repeat orders, a feature we were glad to provide at the launch of Inventory 3.0. Users can now see a history of all their orders and at a click of a button populate all the materials from that order into a new order, saving them time and ensuring they don’t miss a thing that they need for the event.



Detailed Reporting

Inventory 3.0 also provides more detailed analytics and reports. An important aspect of the software is the ability to provide important details on user activity, how products are working/not working at events and what tends to be most popular between their staff. These reports provide those all important details to ensure they can make informed decisions to ensure their events department is working cost effectively and they see a ROI from their marketing output.



Helpdesk Support FAQ’s and Tutorials

One of Lumisi’s big strengths as a company is the people we have in the business. It was therefore really important that we kept a personal touch to the system upgrade to ensure our team were always contactable no matter what. Our new support page not only provides tutorials, FAQ’s and suggestions forms but also provides direct contact details with dedicated account managers who are always on hand to help the client with whatever they need.



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