case study motion graphics

Case Study Motion Graphics

For complex products or services, a motion graphics advert can often be the best way to explain how it will work for and help your potential client.  This is what Lumisi have created for our client MLR Networks to help explain the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it helped their client (StageCoach). This case study based motion graphics simplifies the product itself providing an example of how it can be used to help them?

View the project portfolio images and watch the video below.


  • Concepts, Design & Artwork
  • Storyboards
  • Graphic Design Artwork
  • Brand Assets
  • Animation
  • Audio Editing
  • Case Study Materials
  • Bespoke Webpage

About MLR Networks

Founded in 1982, MLR Networks are one of the leading network infrastructure specialists. They are a Cisco Premier Partner and hold accreditations to work with leading cabling suppliers such as Nexans, Panduit, Excel, Minitran and Brand Rex.

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