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Lumisi re-branded Redthorn back in 2015 by creating a strong brand identity with an established tone-of-voice for Redthorn to build on the success of their MRP software platform. Lumisi have continued progressing the Redthorn brand across multiple marketing channels. One of the most recent web projects was to build a website that was exclusively for Redthorn’s best customers.  This members website development project, which can only be accessed through an approved register and log-in system provides their clients with the latest knowledge and technical support to help them get the most out of the MRP system. The website hosts training videos, information on the next events our exhibitions where Redthorn will feature, technical support and the latest system developments.


This project was an exciting one for the Lumisi team who have now completed numerous web projects where there is exclusive members access. Once the infrastructure of the site was built, the next step was to ensure the content of the site was relevant, useful for the users and always up to date. This meant our team were to monitor the site regularly to see how effective each of the pages were to there user. We also built in a suggestion form that is sent directly to the client. The next steps are to maximise the ‘user profile’ section of the website allowing members too converse and discuss how they use the system through the website itself becoming an important social interaction tool between our client and their customers.


  • Logo Design
  • Unique Branding
  • Members Website Log-in Facility
  • Web Design
  • Bespoke Forms
  • CMS
  • Ongoing Web Support
members website development
members website development
exclusive website development
website development
website project

About Redthorn

Redthorn is an MRP software built on an Oracle based platform created for SME companies within the sub-contract engineering or advanced manufacturing sectors, as one integrated system for planning and controlling projects from quoting stage through to final invoicing. Foundered 26 years ago, Redthorn has a good reputation for building solid and robust software used by almost 200 clients in the aerospace, automotive, rolling stock, white/yellow goods, defence and marine industries.

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