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Lumisi has been working with Redthorn, a global provider of MRP software solutions on adapting their current website to incorporate an interactive element, which would allow customers to quickly find the right MRP solution for their business.

The website enhancement, helps site visitors understand the various products, as well as guiding them through a series of steps to accurately recommend a solution suited to their specific business requirements.

Other recent Redthorn projects have included building an exclusive members website providing training videos and technical support to key customers. Find out more about this Redthorn project here.

Interactive Website Design

Redthorn recently launched a new product aimed at SME within the Manufacturing and Engineering sector. The growth in their product range created the requirement for a system that would help website visitors understand the products available, as well as guiding them to the most suitable MRP solution for their business.

Lumisi’s web development team used specific criteria and questions which were built into the sophisticated system using a unique series of code. The front end was designed to be simple and intuitive so that customers could quickly complete the questions and find the appropriate product for their needs.


  • Bespoke Code
  • Web Development
  • Visitor Interaction Improvement
  • SEO
  • Product Launch
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Custom Developed Algorithm

We created a decision-making algorithm for the system to be able to decide which product to recommend to a user. Redthorn composed a decision model of which products best suit each customer attribute, then we got to work to turn their model into an amazing working system.

The algorithm inside the Product Recommendation Tool is built completely from scratch and tailored to Redthorn. We knew that our intelligent tool needed to be specific to Redthorn’s products and therefore we had to build something totally bespoke.

Our development team built the fully exclusive code from the ground up, using Javascript and jQuery programming to power the algoritm and HTML and CSS to style the interface. Our code uses sophisticated conditional logic to make informed decisions on which results to serve based on the user’s input. Factors such as ‘number of employees’ and ‘number of users’ are submitted and processed by our algorithm to return the correct result based on the Redthorn product model.

Of course, it wouldn’t be ‘Lumisi’ without being beautiful! The aesthetics of this tool were created with both user experience and the Redthorn brand guidelines in mind. It is visually synonymous with the brand styles which already flow through the website. The importance of user experience meant that we made the interface simple and easy to use, resulting in a completely stress-free interaction with the tool.

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About Redthorn

Redthorn is an MRP software built on an Oracle based platform created for SME companies within the sub-contract engineering or advanced manufacturing sectors, as one integrated system for planning and controlling projects from quoting stage through to final invoicing. Foundered 26 years ago, Redthorn has a good reputation for building solid and robust software used by almost 200 clients in the aerospace, automotive, rolling stock, white/yellow goods, defence and marine industries.

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