Product Range Campaign

With a heavily product-focused marketing output, the client provided a brief to appeal to their target market (healthcare clinicians) by making the product range more personable and relatable.  The initial concept stage was to create headlines and straplines for each product within the range ensuring they were specific to each of the product’s intended recipients. That would be consistent throughout the campaign. The concepts that you can see below utilised the strong colours throughout the range whilst matching each product with specific photography. These concepts were developed and implemented across a variety of marketing channels such as HTML Emails, Printed Literature & Cloud-Based communications, as well as using the campaign to feature on the annual Exhibition Stand that our client exhibit’s at every year. View the campaign below…


  • Concepts, Design & Artwork
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Photoshop Composition
  • Graphic Design Artwork
  • Printing
Product Range Campaign
Product Range Campaign
Visual Campaign
Visual Campaign

About ActivHeal

ActivHeal® was developed by Advanced Medical Solutions Ltd (AMS) to offer the NHS a more affordable clinically effective wound care dressing range. We wanted to offer clinicians a simple, clear and cost-effective wound care range whilst ensuring the best clinical outcome for the patient. ActivHeal® offers a full range of generic wound care dressings that facilitates moist wound healing, ensuring that all patient’s wounds have the optimal environment to progress.

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