Client Brief

Time and cost pressures within the NHS leave little margin for error, so choosing the right dressing for the right wound type has become crucial.

New CET guidelines were introduced to ensure all wound care packaging met specific criteria to support clinicians in selecting the correct dressing. ActivHeal chose us to help redefine their packaging across their range of dressings to meet the new legislation, help support clinicians in making accurate product selections and clearly communicate usage instructions.

Project Outcome

Lumisi utilised 3D Modelling to develop a cohesive packaging range that would provide clarity and accuracy in product selection while still being in line with the brand values and objectives of ActivHeal.

The new packaging designs for ActivHeal ticked every box on the CET guidelines but also revolutionised product identification. By introducing a colour-coded system, consistent iconography and generic product descriptions, the range was elevated to a new level that significantly aids the end user.

ActivHeal’s user-friendly packaging design was met with glowing reviews from clinicians and care staff.


  • Concepts, Design & Artwork
  • Branding
  • 3D Modelling
  • Copywriting