Client Brief

Lumisi was asked to create a new brand identity for the Surgical Business Unit of Advanced Medical Solutions, a leading manufacturer and distributor of wound care and surgical solutions.

The new brand would need to seamlessly incorporate several of its products and solutions, each with its own brand identity, to create one cohesive and memorable brand that captured the division’s commitment to innovation, quality and safety.

Project Outcome

Lumisi developed a brand identity inspired by the core values of the Advanced Medical Solutions surgical division.

The new logo was designed to be easily recognisable and memorable, making it ideal for use across all Surgical BU brands. The logo was influenced by the division’s core values and featured a strong and vibrant colour palette that featured the signature colours of its key product brands.

The Lumisi design team also created a range of visual assets, including brochures, business stationery and signage. Each of these visual assets was designed to be consistent with the overall brand identity, ensuring that all Surgical BU brands could be easily recognised and used across multiple platforms and events.

The new branding also gave the Surgical BU team a sense of unity with teams scattered around Europe, working across multiple product centres, this was an opportunity to bring everyone together with a strong and consistent visual identity for the division.


  • Concepts, Design & Artwork
  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics
  • Copywriting
  • Merchandise & Giveaways